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  • 2004: A Year of Mayoral Triumph

    published December 29, 2004

    What a year it was! In 2004, a young, handsome, husky-voiced mayor became a national celebrity, and the city was changed for good. Who could... More >>

  • It's Kind of Unusual

    published December 8, 2004

    It began in Queens, N.Y., in the late '60s, in the closet of Steffanos Xanthoudakis' mother. There, on the back of her closet door, hung the... More >>

  • A Winding Path

    published December 1, 2004

    From the air, it looks as if a giant, heavy hand reached down and touched this spot, leaving a set of fingerprints in deep, grass-covered grooves... More >>

  • The Weakerthans

    published December 1, 2004

    There's a certain authority in the tenor of John K. Samson's well-schooled power pop that can be a little daunting. It's not just that the... More >>

  • Richard Buckner

    published December 1, 2004

    Like so many others who steer their V-8s into the burned-out Brigadoon of altcountry, Richard Buckner has a hard-on for the classics: heartache,... More >>

  • Hear This

    published December 1, 2004

    Maybe it's because of her borrowed handle, but songwriter Sam Phillips always seems to require a little too much explanation. Fans... More >>

  • No Plot? No Problem!: A Low-Stress, High-Velocity Guide to Writing a Novel in 30 Days

    published November 24, 2004

    By Chris Baty Chronicle Books (2004), $14.95 It's appropriate that Chris Baty's first published book has roots in National... More >>

  • The Ackerman Election

    published October 27, 2004

    On a Tuesday night two weeks ago, Arlene Ackerman, San Francisco's superintendent of schools, parked herself squarely in the middle of a... More >>

  • the school among the ruins

    published October 27, 2004

    By Adrienne Rich W.W. Norton (2004), $22.95 Northern California poet Adrienne Rich always steers us straight into... More >>

  • Tom Waits

    published October 13, 2004

    Over the past decade, Tom Waits has developed a tripartite personality: There's the surrealist cabaret singer of The Black Rider, the... More >>

  • Sup-Ee-Oh!TM

    published October 6, 2004

    INTRODUCTION The election is only weeks away, and already the voter guides are thudding against our... More >>

  • Under the Gun

    published September 29, 2004

    Jaron Nunnemaker looks ready to die for his country. He's dressed entirely in black -- black cowboy hat, shirt, vest, jeans, and chaps. The only... More >>

  • Björk

    published September 29, 2004

    By limiting the instrumentation of her fifth proper studio release almost exclusively to vocal samples, Björk holds to the path that has made... More >>

  • Steve Earle

    published September 8, 2004

    It's almost as if Steve Earle's 12th studio recording has been issued as an antidote to this season's abundance of carefully worded stumping. All... More >>

  • Little Wings

    published September 1, 2004

    Some musicians are more accurately understood by their ZIP codes than a list of like-minded peers. It's true of Kyle Field's quiet, five-year... More >>

  • March Radness

    published August 25, 2004

    So there you are, standing on a Manhattan sidewalk, having driven the width of the country to protest the Republicans' coronation of President... More >>

  • Love on the Run

    published August 11, 2004

    I'm standing in the middle of Van Ness during rush hour. I'm breathless and my legs are heavy, and I'm wet with sweat. It's like one of those... More >>

  • Emo Money

    published July 7, 2004

    "This is a scrapbook that I started keeping," Todd Bell explains to the video camera. He's sitting at a kitchen table thumbing through the pages... More >>

  • Easy Parking

    published June 23, 2004

    When a summer day in San Francisco actually turns sunny, our most popular city parks get packed. You'll dodge Frisbees in Dolores Park, run from... More >>

  • Sonny's Days

    published June 16, 2004

    We're in a stark, cheap motel room with a view of the desert, a place with faded blue plaster walls and a vibrating bed with a quarter slot. The... More >>

  • Bad Religion

    published June 16, 2004

    Notable tele-psychiatrist Dr. Phil McGraw asserts that we all have destructive emotional characteristics in our personalities, which he calls "bad... More >>

  • BeatBox

    published June 16, 2004

    Now that lurid sex acts have been (sort of) banned in the backroom of Powerhouse (as well as at all other SOMA bars after a recent bust at My... More >>

  • PJ Harvey

    published June 9, 2004

    Depending on how you verbalize the ham-fisted title to Polly Harvey's seventh release, the three grunts can either be an endorsement ("Uh huh,... More >>

  • BeatBox

    published June 9, 2004

    Every trend, no matter how fleeting or forgettable, can cough up at least one masterpiece that marks its zenith. The most durable artifact that's... More >>

  • New Found Glory

    published June 2, 2004

    Near the Earth's core there exists a subterranean conference room, replete with comfy leather chairs, chilled carafes of water, and delicately... More >>

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