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  • Creators at Work

    published November 30, 2011

    The life of the visual artist is a solitary one, requiring long days and nights spent in a studio huddled over canvas or sculpture or the like. Of... More >>

  • Ring in the Recovery

    published December 28, 2011

    The customary way to welcome the New Year is to tie one on, get loaded — or hammered, blotto, three sheets to the wind, or whatever your... More >>

  • Women Who Kill

    published December 21, 2011

    We’re still smarting from Janine Brito and Emily Heller’s decision to move to New York, but we won’t hold it against them.... More >>

  • Hear All the Voices in His Head

    published December 14, 2011

    The phrase “one-man show” is sometimes mistaken for nature’s way of saying “stay home and watch Netflix.” The form... More >>

  • Slaughterhouse Revisited

    published November 30, 2011

    Kurt Vonnegut isn’t merely the foul-mouthed author perennially popular among surly, booksmart teenagers. He was also a humane political... More >>

  • Shooting the Debris

    published November 23, 2011

    Anyone who’s taken a road trip across the country knows that remnants of “that old, weird America” Greil Marcus referred to are... More >>

  • That's Absurd

    published November 23, 2011

    Whither the observational comic? These days we associate observational comedy with 1980s hacks in cheap ties telling bad jokes about airline food.... More >>

  • Love Letter to a Big Metal Workhorse

    published October 19, 2011

    The Golden Gate Bridge might be the more iconic span, but there’s a special place in our jaded hearts for its argent-hued counterpart to the... More >>

  • Still Getting Over It

    published November 16, 2011

    For those who lived through 1978, it seemed that San Francisco had been gripped by madness. Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk were... More >>

  • Laughter in the Tundra

    published November 2, 2011

    Americans have a vision of Siberia informed by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago and James Bond prison breakouts. Siberia is... More >>

  • A Single Duality

    published October 12, 2011

    At first glance, Michael Ondaatje and Michael Chabon may seem like an odd pair to share a stage. Aside from each having a new book to plug... More >>

  • The Visible Smart-Aleck

    published October 5, 2011

    It’s rare to have a middling opinion of Chuck Klosterman. Among the New York City literati, among whom he once stood as pre-eminent... More >>

  • Impassively Outrageous

    published September 28, 2011

    Like her pals Sarah Silverman and Zach Galifianakis, Tig Notaro drops smoldering comedy bombs through her laconic deadpan. But unlike... More >>

  • Not Just Any Old Amendment

    published September 21, 2011

    In this dominion of progressive politics, it’s easy to forget that other parts of the country aren’t quite as accepting. In July, Kurt... More >>

  • Stranger Than Fact

    published August 24, 2011

    Naco Es Chido goes heavy metal by placing a real-life band at the center of a fictional mockumentary; it’s something like... More >>

  • No Relation to Hasselhoff

    published August 17, 2011

    Like a crass Jersey-bred Jerry Seinfeld in the grip of Adderall, Dov Davidoff is an observational comic with a manic, ADD-addled edge. His... More >>

  • Don’t Forget the Motor City

    published August 10, 2011

    Our gawking fascination with Detroit’s decline is so prevalent that there’s even a term to describe it — disaster porn. Yet while... More >>

  • Fresh! (Way) Off the Boat

    published July 6, 2011

    There’s a long tradition of immigrants’ tales of marginalization in insular American communities — in fact, it may be the defining... More >>

  • Abbott's Habit

    published July 6, 2011

    Classy cocktails meet adolescent angst at this reading and martini social to celebrate the release of Megan Abbott’s new novel The... More >>

  • Just Your Everyday Sickypants

    published June 29, 2011

    Dan Cummins uses his laid-back demeanor as a secret weapon: He’s so skilled at playing the genial everyman that his pitch-black... More >>

  • Something to Dü

    published June 22, 2011

    Bob Mould is more than the legendary onetime frontman of Hüsker Dü and and a punk rock icon. He's also one of the rock world's... More >>

  • It’s a Family Affair

    published June 15, 2011

    No matter how many times culture warriors rattle their sabers, gay parents and straight parents have to deal with a lot of the same shit... More >>

  • Standing Up for Himself

    published May 25, 2011

    Dave Foley has had many high-profile gigs during his 25 year comedy career — Kids in the Hall member, NewsRadio star,... More >>

  • The What-What Whats?

    published May 25, 2011

    In September 2005, Ron Jones and Larry Jay Tish holed up for a weekend at the apocryphally named budget hotel the Plantation Inn. Their goal was... More >>

  • Go Holmes

    published May 25, 2011

    Pete Holmes got his break as one of the pop culture-savvy talking heads on VH1’s Best Week Ever, a charity foundation... More >>

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