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  • ‘Out There’ Is Here

    published October 12, 2011

    Buried deep in everyone’s heart is the passion to perform. Don’t you secretly want to dress in 1960s getup, strap on a ukulele, and do... More >>

  • Ping Pong Balls, Saws, and a Clapping Hands Machine

    published August 31, 2011

    We can’t help but be enamored of Julian Koster, the lovable singing-saw player in Neutral Milk Hotel. This incredibly talented musician also... More >>

  • Feminists in Machismo-Land

    published August 31, 2011

    It’s not uncommon for girls to grow bored with a male-dominated music scene, which is why some choose to grab it by the plums -—... More >>

  • Let's Go Break Stuff

    published August 17, 2011

    Lindsay "Coco" Hames and Maria "Poni" Silver are badasses. They're the kind of ladies we want in our all-girl gang to go and seek vengeance on... More >>

  • Remember the Reatard

    published August 10, 2011

    Controversial, offensive, and downright angry, Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr. was a real force in his time. Better known as Jay Reatard, the notorious rock... More >>

  • Surrealist Art: New Work from Beau Stanton

    published Aug 18, 2011

    When it comes to surrealism, we can't help but moon over artists who produce such detailed and complex pieces that we think to ourselves "Holy guacamole, what am I even looking at?" It's astounding wh... More >>

  • Jay Reatard: Better Than Something Illuminates the Life of Memphis Punk Icon

    published Aug 15, 2011

    Controversial, offensive, and downright angry, Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr. was a real force in his time. Better known as Jay Reatard, the notorious rock 'n' roll monster was known for aggressive and energet... More >>

  • Smack Dab Is the Place to Live Out Your Ukulele Dreams

    published Aug 15, 2011

    Buried deep down in the very core of most people's hearts is the passion to perform. Doesn't everyone secretly want to dress in 1960s get-up, strap on a ukulele, and do Tiny Tim covers? No? Maybe that... More >>

  • 16th and Mission Poetry Slam Is Chaotic Yet We Like It

    published Aug 12, 2011

    Sometimes, we need a little bit more than just poetry and music. Sometimes we have the urge to witness a wild-eyed man with one sweater sleeve missing shove pieces of paper into a coconut and then set... More >>

  • Sample Natural Child Lyric: "Mom Just Told Me Everybody Smokes Weed"

    published Aug 10, 2011

    We've got our fair share of bragging rights when it comes to our local music scene: Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, Grass Widow, Shannon and the Clams -- the list goes on. However, we've become jealous. Nash... More >>

  • Mary Anne Kluth at Frey Norris: A New World and a "Visitor Center"

    published Jul 25, 2011

    Mary Anne Kluth is playing god. She's created a fantastic world made up of forests, volcanoes, and psychedelic rocks at her latest exhibit, "Visitor Center," at Frey Norris Gallery. Creating a sort o... More >>

  • Jered Sprecher's Abstract Works Show Volume, Movement, Tension in "Shadows in Friction"

    published Jul 21, 2011

    Besides putting together gorgeous abstract paintings, Jered Sprecher knows how to keep us absorbed in his work. His paintings are open to multiple interpretations, and his method keeps your eyes movin... More >>

  • Murals and Mosaics

    published July 6, 2011

    Take a look around the city – buses, buildings, and even toilets are bound to be covered in some form of art. We like our concrete jungle to... More >>

  • Top Five Things to Do for LaborFest

    published Jun 30, 2011

    The labor movement: Without it there would be no weekend, lunch break, or vacation. Heck, a whole bunch of us would be missing limbs if someone hadn't fought for our right to keep them. So the wide-r... More >>

  • Must-See Crazy-Ass Found-Footage Video

    Must-See Crazy-Ass Found-Footage Video

    published Jun 17, 2011

    Our first taste of awesome video obscurity was while walking around North Beach. A video rental store was giving away a huge selection of its inventory. Free stuff, you say? Yes indeed. As true patron... More >>

  • Memories Reconstructed

    published June 15, 2011

    Take an old photograph of yourself camping with mom and dad: You seem so happy and begin to relish in old memories of setting up the tent and... More >>

  • Garage Rock, Baby

    published June 1, 2011

    Fellow San Franciscans, the time has come to slip on your jean jackets and go see the father of garage rock – Michael Yonkers. We all... More >>

  • The Politics of Sexual Health

    published June 1, 2011

    Planned Parenthood offers a multitude of sexual health services to those in need regardless of financial background, gender, or age, which is a... More >>

  • Putting It All Together

    published May 11, 2011

    Romare Bearden is an author, visual artist, songwriter, and jazz aficionado -- a master of multiple forms of expression. “From Process to... More >>

  • I’m Only Sleeping

    published May 11, 2011

    Zhong Biao’s solo exhibit, “Reflected on Air,” is about travelers, young and old. The Chinese contemporary artist paints... More >>

  • Parisian Paintings

    published April 20, 2011

    “Still Standing” is Yisrael Feldsott's latest solo exhibit of paintings. He's notorious for using eclectic media to set his work... More >>

  • The Hat Never Existed -- Or Did It?

    published April 13, 2011

    Christoph Rossner -- he's what dreams are made of. Just kidding. But really, take a look at Rossner's work -- the guy must have some kind of... More >>

  • The Clowns are Back in Town!

    published April 6, 2011

    Local and international circus artists, students, comedians, and clowns come together to bring San Francisco a different kind of cabaret. The... More >>

  • I'll Punch You

    published March 23, 2011

    "Power Punch," a group art exhibit in conjunction with guest artists Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson, started with the curators distributing... More >>

  • Two for the Show

    published March 23, 2011

    We all know high school sucked -- actually, being a teenager sucked. Growing up, entering adulthood (whatever that even means,) and grasping some... More >>

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