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  • Strange Root

    published June 28, 2006

    Francis Baker's artworks are topiaries in reverse. While shrub sculptors trim bushes to resemble swans and bunnies, Baker coaxes plant roots into... More >>

  • War Memorial

    published May 31, 2006

    It's a good time to remember the Vietnam War. While that dark spot in American history is never far from popular consciousness, we seem, these... More >>

  • The Masculine Mystique

    published April 26, 2006

    "The Man Box and Beyond" is a difficult show to critique. Based on an exercise developed by the Oakland Men's Project in which guys discuss the... More >>

  • Commercial Art

    published March 29, 2006

    A drawing by Picasso recently sold for the bargain-basement price of $39,999.99. The price alone was newsworthy, but the circumstances of the sale... More >>

  • Our critics weigh in on local exhibits

    published March 29, 2006

    "The Elegant Gathering: The Yeh Family Collection"; and "From the Fire: Contemporary Korean Ceramics." Two new exhibitions take bygone... More >>

  • Mad Styles

    published February 22, 2006

    "Me, Myself & Eye" purports to be a "3 person show" featuring the work of Andrew Brandou, Dale Andrews, and Howdy Pardner. If the punning title... More >>

  • Flatlands

    published January 25, 2006

    A man once asked Picasso why his paintings weren't more realistic. When Picasso inquired what a realistic image might look like, the man pulled... More >>

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