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  • Jazz on the Half Pipe

    published May 1, 2013

    When we think skateboard soundtrack, bands like JFA and RKL still immediately spring to mind. Early on, the speed and rebellion of punk were the... More >>

  • Put a Bug in Your Ear

    published April 17, 2013

    Formally, “bug” refers to an order of insects that includes cicadas, aphids, and shimmering shield bugs, but we want to talk about... More >>

  • Fight Songs

    published April 17, 2013

    Finding a place in San Francisco to stage battle hymns was not easy — Fort Mason, Fort Point, Pier 70, Theater Artaud, and numerous... More >>

  • Best of This World

    published April 10, 2013

    In 1970, it would’ve been difficult to imagine local governments competing for the title of Greenest City. But green is the new black, and... More >>

  • No One Puts Baby in a Corner

    published April 3, 2013

    “(I’ve Had) The Time of the My Life” isn’t the tune that came to mind when AXIS Dance Company announced its 25th... More >>

  • Reems Job

    published April 3, 2013

    When porn star Harry Reems got sober and got God, we were sure he would bury his stage name. But, even as a successful real estate agent in... More >>

  • Urban Redesign

    published April 3, 2013

    During the height of the crack epidemic, people had all kinds of spooky hypotheses about sneakers dangling over phone lines: They marked drug... More >>

  • More of the Other

    published March 20, 2013

    For decades, Chicano performance artist Guillermo Gómez-Peña has challenged our notion of identity and demanded exploration of... More >>

  • Stiff Life

    published March 20, 2013

    Being home to the Cardboard Institute of Technology and a chapter of the Cardboard Tube Fighting League, San Francisco is no stranger to the... More >>

  • Private Dancer

    published March 13, 2013

    Shen Wei is known as the principle choreographer behind the opening ceremony of Beijing's 2008 Summer Olympics, but by then he was already a... More >>

  • Unwashed Mass Media

    published March 13, 2013

    For decades, high costs made film one of the few art forms not readily influenced by the street. Accessible technology -- everything from cell... More >>

  • Blank Page Generation

    published March 13, 2013

    In 1974, the band Television had a weekly "residency" at a skuzzy biker bar called CBGBs, and Patti Smith wrote one of their first reviews. After... More >>


    published March 13, 2013

    The Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts was started in the 1970s by a group of SFSU students who refused to let their lifeblood flow along the... More >>

  • Food for Thought

    published March 6, 2013

    Pi is without question the most elegant of irrational numbers; surpassing all known tests for randomness, it is essential for describing general... More >>

  • If Walls Could Sing

    published February 27, 2013

    It’s rare, but now and again a production makes our skin tingle not because of what happened on the stage but what happened to the stage.... More >>

  • Blow Your Minds

    published February 20, 2013

    At the age of 90, Henry Brant won the Pulitzer Prize in Music for "Ice Field," a "spatial narrative" requiring 100 players spread throughout a... More >>

  • The World's a Stage

    published February 13, 2013

    A Turk, a Brazilian, and a Slav walk onto an empty stage. Far from being the setup of a joke, this is the debut of "Dance and Diaspora," an... More >>

  • Don’t Tell Mama

    published February 13, 2013

    Short on narrative but rich in imagery and portent, Cabaret-Berlin: The Wild Scene, weaves together original photographs, paintings,... More >>

  • Goosebumps

    published February 6, 2013

    R.L. Stine has sold so many books he’s not afraid to give it away. In fact, he’s training his own replacement. To encourage... More >>

  • If It Ain't Baroque

    published January 30, 2013

    The word baroque came from a Portuguese word for “misshapen pearl,” suggesting a somewhat dour opinion of the era’s heavy... More >>

  • Mo' Mo Willems

    published January 30, 2013

    Before Sesame Street, Mo Willems was just like any other struggling New York talent. He had an improv troupe and a variety show on the Lower East... More >>

  • Dino-Mite

    published January 23, 2013

    Everybody loves a petting zoo, with those irascible baby goats and downy-soft bunnies. But what about the kids who love bugs more than bunnies,... More >>

  • The Postman Rings

    published January 23, 2013

    A longtime affiliation with PianoFight — home to Forking!, the holiday-baiting, choose-your-own-ending theater adventure, and Duck... More >>

  • A Comedy Mecca

    published January 16, 2013

    For lovers of laughter, the next few weeks (Jan. 24-Feb. 10) will be an orgy of hilarity filling every crevice of this city, from prestigious... More >>

  • Without Borders

    published January 16, 2013

    Wayne McGregor, commander of the Order of the British Empire and resident choreographer for the Royal Ballet, is known for physically demanding... More >>

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