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  • Rebuilding Babylon

    published December 1, 1999

    Backstage at the War Memorial Opera House, manager of fabric props Dawn Roth shows off her handiwork: a richly textured, red velvet altar cloth... More >>

  • Hear This

    published November 24, 1999

    Joshua BellWhile many child actors become better known in their later years for their criminal records or battles with drug addiction... More >>

  • Hear This

    published November 10, 1999

    The Derriere GuardIs there still such a thing as the avant-garde? In a world in which musical dissonance is de rigueur, conceptual art... More >>

  • Review

    published October 27, 1999

    Philip Glass and Kronos Quartet Dracula (Nonesuch) Darkly mysterious in his long black cape, Bela Lugosi stands on the... More >>

  • Thar She Bows

    published October 20, 1999

    In her program notes to Songs and Stories From Moby Dick, Laurie Anderson explains her fascination with Melville's literary masterpiece:... More >>

  • Boxed Ears

    published October 13, 1999

    A critic once called composer John Adams the Hamlet of contemporary classical music, accusing him of not being able to make up his mind and... More >>

  • Pointed Counterpoints

    published September 22, 1999

    Timing is everything: In the early 1960s, 10 years before the renowned new music ensemble Kronos Quartet formed, minimalist composer Steve Reich... More >>

  • Taking Partch

    published August 25, 1999

    American composer Harry Partch was a true individualist. Abandoning both the form and tonality of the 300-year-old symphonic tradition, the... More >>

  • Ring Wrangling

    published June 2, 1999

    It's been appropriated by everyone from Bugs Bunny to Adolf Hitler. It's been interpreted -- and misinterpreted -- by Freudians, Jungians,... More >>

  • Fanfare for the Common Band

    published April 28, 1999

    April 21 "The magic of all this and the beauty of this is that you don't know what the fuck is going to happen," Metallica drummer Lars... More >>

  • Grace Under Pressure

    published April 7, 1999

    You rarely get ideas by yourself," admits Philip Glass. "Things happen much more collectively." "Collective" aptly describes the... More >>

  • Riff Raff

    published March 24, 1999

    End of an Era Next week, Peter Pastreich will relinquish his post as executive director of the San Francisco Symphony. After 40 years as an... More >>

  • Swede Victory

    published March 10, 1999

    In the early 1850s, a German music critic asked Franz Berwald if he was still a composer. His surly reply was, "No, I am a glass... More >>

  • Uncharted Territories

    published February 24, 1999

    Terry Riley isn't an easy person to track down. At least his albums aren't: I was in a record store recently looking for the Lisbon Concert, his... More >>

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