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1998 Stories by Sura Wood

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  • The Dress

    published November 25, 1998

    A fabric designer is told by a disgruntled stewardess that he's a lousy lover. Moments later, his employer derides him as a frustrated artist and... More >>

  • Zoom Lens

    published November 11, 1998

    SlamNation Slamming is poetry as a spectator sport. Part rap, part performance art, and part stand-up, it's raucous, sometimes crude, and... More >>

  • Last Picture Shows

    published October 7, 1998

    The second week of the Mill Valley Film Festival, running through Sunday at various venues in that town and also at Larkspur's Lark Theater,... More >>

  • Festival Harvest

    published September 30, 1998

    Every autumn Mill Valley is transformed into a movie festival town that, while perhaps not on par with Cannes or Telluride, has at least some of... More >>

  • Tribute to Sir Derek Jacobi

    published September 30, 1998

    Sir Derek Jacobi is the least pretentious knight you're likely to encounter. Although he has a reputation as one of the great actors of the... More >>

  • Week 2 of the 41st S.F. International Film Festival

    published April 29, 1998

    Animated by Dr. Freud (Various) Jim Trainor's peculiar The Fetishist is clearly the centerpiece of this program of animation for grown-ups,... More >>

  • Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n' Roll. Korea.

    published April 22, 1998

    A few decades ago, a controversial Bay Area critic named Pauline Kael -- yes, the same wild original who went on to become Pauline Kael -- wrote... More >>

Archives: 2002 | 2000 | 1999 | 1998
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