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  • Beat Box

    published December 31, 2003

    This New Year's Eve, promoters the A List and Delicious Karma are hosting "Wish," an event that will manage to be both opulent (they've... More >>

  • Various Artists

    published December 31, 2003

    A few months back, we got excited when we heard that TVT Records, giddy over its success in 2003 with Atlanta artists Lil Jon & the Eastside Boyz... More >>

  • BeatBox

    published December 24, 2003

    Clubbing doesn't always stay firmly on the agenda when post-holiday pockets have a higher lint-to-cash ratio than normal, yet active local... More >>

  • BeatBox

    published December 10, 2003

    Come for the 25-cent Pabst Blue Ribbons, stay for the music and watch out for the enormously long bathroom lines. "Aqua Boogie"at th... More >>

  • Spearhead

    published September 3, 2003

    Spearhead's fourth album of beats and socially conscious lyrics manages to accomplish two rare things: Its moments of protest are eloquent without... More >>

  • Kraftwerk

    published August 27, 2003

    On Kraftwerk's first studio release in a dozen years, the band expands on the theme of its 1983 single "Tour de France," which immortalized the... More >>

  • H_Foundation

    published July 23, 2003

    In an all-too-typical pattern plaguing Yankee dance music, San Diego's H_Foundation -- DJs Hipp-E and Halo -- had to first garner the attention... More >>

  • Cheap Trick

    published July 16, 2003

    If you checked out on Cheap Trick the way a lot of us did 15 or 20 years ago, it will possibly come as a dual revelation that 1) the band is still... More >>

  • Hear This

    published July 9, 2003

    Oakland's the Lovemakers (Scott Blonde, Lisa Light, and Jason Fish) definitely do not intend their name to be ironic. Blonde and Light,... More >>

  • Hear This

    published July 2, 2003

    Pioneering Los Angeles lyricist Aceyalone (celebrating the release of his new album, Love & Hate) and trailblazing New York... More >>

  • Erasure

    published June 25, 2003

    Erasure's ninth proper LP, Loveboat was released overseas in 2000 and is now seeing a domestic release due to the recent interest in the... More >>

  • Freddie Foxxx/Bumpy Knuckles

    published June 11, 2003

    Brooklyn's Freddie Foxxx (aka James Campbell, who also performs under the alias Bumpy Knuckles) seems to share a lot with 50 Cent, the rapper who... More >>

  • Prince Paul

    published June 4, 2003

    Prince Paul will always be best known as the genius producer behind De La Soul's seminal 1989 debut, 3 Feet High and Rising. That album's... More >>

  • Earth, Wind & Fire

    published May 28, 2003

    In the last couple of years, Earth, Wind & Fire caved in to the modern tides and recorded a hip hop project for Columbia Records with Wyclef Jean.... More >>

  • Son Doobie

    published May 21, 2003

    Son Doobie (aka Jason Vasquez) was one-third of the Cypress Hill-affiliated hip hop group Funkdoobiest. That act's first two albums, Which... More >>

  • The New Pornographers

    published May 7, 2003

    A name like the New Pornographers has got to cause some confusion and trouble for a band -- say, while on the road in less-than-liberal places.... More >>

  • To Sun Ra With Love

    published April 30, 2003

    Not exactly known as the cultural mecca of the Bay Area, Millbrae may be more familiar to San Franciscans as "the exit past SFO." Nonetheless, in... More >>

  • Erlend Øye

    published February 12, 2003

    The last 15 years saw the rise of the "Unplugged" phenomenon, in which rockers like Nirvana and Oasis got all sensitive with their acoustic... More >>

  • Cosmo Vitelli

    published February 5, 2003

    Cosmo Vitelli, aka 29-year-old French producer Benjamin Boguet, takes his pseudonym from a nightclub owner in John Cassavetes' 1976 film The... More >>

  • Hear This

    published January 29, 2003

    Morrissey got most of the attention in the Smiths for his wry lyrical take on British drudgery, but it was Johnny Marr's emotional music that... More >>

  • John Peel

    published January 1, 2003

    Saying that mix CDs are a dime a dozen gives them too much value. The worst of the lot sit pathetically -- and in great quantity -- on the shelves... More >>

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