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  • Lollyphile's Hot Licks

    published Oct 27, 2008

    (Lollyphile lollipops on display at Miette Confiserie) By Tamara Palmer The lollipop could be a wild frontier for flavor and experimentation, but folks might be hard-pressed to name anything more ... More >>

  • Salad Daze: Kyoto Sushi's Yasai

    published Oct 27, 2008

    With creamy miso dressing and crisp romaine, many Japanese restaurants offer a cool little companion to sushi. But the best one I've found in the City so far this lifetime belongs to Kyoto Sushi. ... More >>

  • Drink of the Week: Sajen's Ginger-Turmeric Jamu

    published Oct 24, 2008

    Beverages that promote wellness, such as kombucha, are in plentiful supply on Bay Area store shelves, but Sajen is the first local beverage company to produce a jamu, or healing beverage from Indone... More >>

  • Make it Work

    published October 22, 2008

    For the last 13 years, Gen Art hasn’t wavered from its mission of supporting up-and-coming independent creators in several culture worlds,... More >>

  • Tonight: Joy of Sake

    published Oct 23, 2008

    Back in August, I gave perhaps too early word on the Joy of Sake tasting, and now that it's happening tonight, I wanted to drop a quick reminder for anyone that might appreciate attending this rice dr... More >>

  • Introducing: Menu Porn

    published Oct 22, 2008

    (Image via Flickr) Food porn is a well-documented phenomenon. Less so is its predecessor: Menu porn. (Predecessor, because one must consult the menu before they get to the food.) In some cases, me... More >>

  • Sugar Rush for the Kids!

    published Oct 22, 2008

    Put some more holes in your teeth for our future leaders—Bay Area youth—as local non-profit Spark hosts "Sugar Rush," a sweet tasting with artisan restaurants and companies A16, Boulevard, Coco-... More >>

  • Maximized Babymaking

    published October 22, 2008

    Demand for Maxwell the sex symbol has always been hungrier than the demand for Maxwell the soul crooner. This is despite the man's... More >>

  • Salad Daze: Quattro's Fall Vegetable Salad

    published Oct 20, 2008

    This week, Executive Chef Alessandro Cartumini of Quattro Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley brings us a true taste of autumn on the Pacific Coast. His recipe is for a unique and luxu... More >>

  • Friday Sundae: La Copa Loca's Ice Spaghetti Pomodoro

    published Oct 17, 2008

    Winner of our Best Ice Cream category in the 2008 Best of SF, La Copa Loca Artisan Gelateria features handmade frozen delights created by Italian ex-pat Mauro Pislor. His homeland pride shines thr... More >>

  • Drink of the Week: Vignette's Rosé Soda

    published Oct 17, 2008

    I rarely drink wine, but often wonder why the alcoholics get all the good grapes. Berkeley's Vignette redresses the balance with its line of Wine Country Sodas. Available in Chardonnay, Pinot Noir a... More >>

  • Last Night: SF Weekly Music Awards 2008

    published Oct 17, 2008

    SF Weekly Music Awards 2008 Ruby Skye October 16, 2008 Words and Photos by Tamara Palmer Better Than: Staying home with Ugly Betty This year's Awards program was a colorful and diverse celebration... More >>

  • McCain, Eat Your Heart Out: Dinners With Barack Obama

    published Oct 16, 2008

    Local food cable/online network TasteTV is planning a new book called The Obama Menu: Dinners with Barack Obama and is using its Web site to solicit anecdotes of experiences people may have had eating... More >>

  • Tonight: From Farm to Feast

    published Oct 15, 2008

    A continuation of this month's Eat Local SF festivities, tonight's "From Farm to Feast" seminar hosted by the Commonwealth Club highlights the vital roles of artisan foodmakers, chefs and farmers in... More >>

  • Lavelle’s Yer UNKLE

    published October 15, 2008

    As founder of the legendary Mo' Wax label, Londoner James Lavelle was dictating musical style across the globe in his early 20s,... More >>

  • Localvore: Bay Area Cravings of the Now

    published Oct 14, 2008

    (Image via Brits at Their Best) •Shots of whisky, hold the machismo [SFist] •Bathtub horchata [Bay Area Bites] •Grocery store farms [SFGate] •The return of "Trader Vic's on acid cookin... More >>

  • Salad Daze: Zaré at Fly Trap's Octopus and Calamari Salad

    published Oct 13, 2008

    Delicacies of the sea highlight this Octopus and Calamari Salad by Chef Hoss Zaré of Zaré at Fly Trap. There might be just a little bit more preparation than average involved to make his lemon c... More >>

  • Asian Food Beyond Borders: What It Is and What Is It?

    published Oct 13, 2008

    Notes and Photos by Tamara Palmer One of the most playful events of this weekend's Asian Food Beyond Borders, a grand educational festival hosted by the educational non-profit Asian Culinary Forum,... More >>

  • Sugar Beat Sweets Kicks Dairy to the Curb

    published Oct 08, 2008

    Cupcakes have been on the brain a lot lately, but we're hardly alone. We met Melisser and her brand new company Sugar Beat Sweets at the World Veg Festival. She's playing with vegan confections, lik... More >>

  • Localvore: Bay Area Cravings of the Now

    published Oct 07, 2008

    •Shirley Temple-flavored dessert [Bay Area Vegetarians] •The chicness of secret menus [Zagat Buzz SF] •Celebrity Peruvian food [SFGate] •Eating pink [Oakland Tribune] —Tamara Palmer... More >>

  • Snacktion: Tastykakes' Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes

    published Oct 07, 2008

    Name: Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes Brand: Tastykakes Origin: Philadelphia Found at: The Cheesesteak Shop, 1716 Divisadero (between Sutter and Bush). The Bay Area franchise has several locations and is... More >>

  • Titty Titty Bon Bons Support Fight Against Breast Cancer

    published Oct 06, 2008

    North Berkeley sweet spot The Xocolate Bar has luscious treats that make us weak-kneed, from lavender marshmallow pillows to dried raspberry figs, as well as insanely gorgeous vegan truffles (and sp... More >>

  • Salad Daze: Emma's Favorite Salad by Waterbar

    published Oct 06, 2008

    We're happy to be the beneficiaries of a treat from Executive Chef Parke Ulrich of Waterbar, who has gifted us with a really personal recipe. Inspired by his daughter, Emma's Favorite Salad is the r... More >>

  • Yesterday: World Veg Festival

    published Oct 06, 2008

    World Veg Festival Weekend San Francisco County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park October 5, 2008 Notes and Photos by Tamara Palmer San Francisco Vegetarian Society and In Defense of Animals took ... More >>

  • Earlier Today: Opening of Lilah Belle's

    published Oct 04, 2008

    Located on the northwest corner by Dolores Park, Lilah Belle's offers healthy organic single and family-sized meals to-go. The cute spot is named after the two-year-old daughter of chef/owner Traci ... More >>

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