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  • Mission Pie Seeks Bakers for Annual Contest

    published Oct 06, 2010

    Mission Pie's fourth annual pie contest is set for Sun., Oct. 17, and the call for competitors is officially open. Both sweet and savory entries are welcome. We recently judged SF Food Wars' Pie or Di... More >>

  • Wanna Be a Chocolatier? Sterling Confections is For Sale

    published Oct 05, 2010

    TasteTV has given us a sweet tip: Oakland's Sterling Confections, an exhibitor at the online/on-demand food network's upcoming Fall Luxury Chocolate Salon on Nov. 14, is up for sale. Sterling works w... More >>

  • Who Makes This Breakfast Treat?

    published Oct 04, 2010

    Doesn't this look like an awesome way to start the day? Can you name this breakfast dish and the San Francisco spot that makes it? Offer a guess in the comments below. We salute Connie Mah, who figur... More >>

  • Fifth Floor's Market Special, a Perennially Fresh Surprise

    published Oct 01, 2010

    The lounge at Fifth Floor is a place for martinis, scotch, and other grown-up drinks. But it's also a sweet spot to be more youthful and leave your liquid fate up to an expert. Order a Market Special ... More >>

  • The Summit Unlocks Doors of Ambition

    published Oct 01, 2010

    We checked out yesterday's grand opening of the Summit well into an ambitious 18-hour day (it's open seven days a week, but from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. Tuesday through Saturday). Right away, we found the sp... More >>

  • Call to Flavor II: Sunday Street-Food Party Benefits St. Anthony Foundation

    published Sep 30, 2010

    The second annual "Call to Flavor" street food gathering will once again find informal carts and folding tables serving it up for the benefit of St. Anthony Foundation. It'll be a good time to catch s... More >>

  • Where to Satisfy Your Bieber-Like Fever for Maple Syrup in S.F.

    published Sep 30, 2010

    So massive is pop tartlet Justin Bieber's Twitter following that the local tech company had to alter the algorithms of how their trending topics are determined this past spring. But even that hasn't b... More >>

  • A Peek Inside the Mystery Box from Namu and County Line Harvest

    published Sep 28, 2010

    We're quite pleased with our mystery box from Marin farm County Line Harvest's Rogue Market, which is now served up alongside the fetching brunch at Namu (439 Balboa at Sixth Ave.) every Sunday from n... More >>

  • Dragon Beard Candy from Koi Palace

    published Sep 27, 2010

    Here's a trick to bypassing the amusement park-like weekend crowds at Daly City dim sum institution Koi Palace: Save the dumplings for a quieter time and just swoop in and out with some dragon beard c... More >>

  • Whose Dish is This?

    published Sep 27, 2010

    People line up for it ― can you name this house special and the S.F. restaurant where the picture was taken? Give it a go in the comments below. High five to repeat winner Luis, who figured out tha... More >>

  • Ten Food Words We Loathe

    published Sep 24, 2010

    To paraphrase and remix an old cliché, writing about food is like dancing about architecture, an imprecise practice for which descriptive powers fail most of us. Even if our culinary vocabulary isn't... More >>

  • Turn! Turn! Turn! at Campton Place, a Mint Julep for Fall

    published Sep 24, 2010

    Campton Place is marking the fall season with new cocktails including Turn! Turn! Turn! The Byrdsian take on a ginger mint julep has Belvedere vodka, Domaine Canton ginger liqueur, fresh mint, lime, a... More >>

  • Ragazza All Fired Up at Last Night's Opening

    published Sep 23, 2010

    Ragazza, the long-awaited second restaurant from Gialina's Sharon Ardalina, opened last night to a steady flow of customers. A large gas-fired Wood Stone oven means pizzas cook quicker here than at Gi... More >>

  • Let's Roll Ditches Roll-Your-Own Sushi Concept ― for Tonkatsu

    published Sep 22, 2010

    Let's Roll, a newcomer to Irving Street's bustling snack strip that billed itself as a a roll-your-own sushi bar back in August, has now opened. Only now, it's a tonkatsu (breaded and fried cutlet) ho... More >>

  • 'I-talian I-ranian American Spaghetti Feed' Plays with Stereotypes

    published Sep 22, 2010

    "I wanted to play with stereotypes of how we've been mispronounced," said Long Bar proprietor Reza Esmaili of his forthcoming I-talian I-ranian American Spaghetti Feed. Sunday's three-course meal, a w... More >>

  • Namu's Sunday Rogue Market

    published Sep 21, 2010

    Namu (439 Balboa at Sixth Ave.) recently started serving Sunday brunch, and now there's even more incentive to go check it out. The restaurant has partnered with County Line Harvest in Petaluma to hos... More >>

  • The S'Mores Taco, a Flash of Brilliance at Last Night's Outside In 7

    published Sep 21, 2010

    At last night's Outside In 7 street food event in the Mission, SF Delicious offered one of the more intriguing snack concepts of the night, the s'mores taco: soft tortilla, a generous lashing of Nutel... More >>

  • Show Preview: Flying Lotus

    published September 22, 2010

    Los Angeles' Flying Lotus (also known as Steven Ellison, or FlyLo) reckons that the epic, playful electronics of his sophomore album,... More >>

  • Who Deep-Fried This?

    published Sep 20, 2010

    We are a sucker for just about anything that's been breaded and tossed into a deep-fryer. Can you identify the S.F. restaurant where this picture was snapped and tell us what the menu item is? Offer a... More >>

  • New Cart Alert: Sataysfied

    published Sep 20, 2010

    We caught an early outing for new street food purveyor Sataysfied at Fabric8's Street Food Fridays last week. Feldo Nartapura sells Indonesian-style satay marinated in kecap, or soy-based sauce. We en... More >>

  • Sedate Us With Marky Ramone's Pasta Sauce

    published Sep 17, 2010

    After almost a year of working on it in earnest, Marky, the last surviving Ramone, is taking his Marky Ramone's Brooklyn's Own Pasta Sauce to the next level. He's made it available for order ($88 pe... More >>

  • Jishin, a Shroomin' Delight at Ozumo

    published Sep 17, 2010

    The delicate, maple-reminiscent flavor of candycap mushrooms is part of the arsenal for a growing amount of dessert purveyors, so it shouldn't be a huge stretch to find it on a drink menu. But it's st... More >>

  • Andrew Zimmern Returning to S.F. for More Bizarre Foods

    published Sep 16, 2010

    Andrew Zimmern, host of Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods, was shooting street food antics in the area last month, and now it appears he's headed back for more next month. A source revealed that Bizarre ... More >>

  • Homegrown Marin Market Adds Cooking Demos

    published Sep 15, 2010

    Saturday's Homegrown Marin Market is shifting to an earlier schedule, starting three hours earlier than the first two installments did. Cooking demonstrations will be a feature this time around: a sol... More >>

  • Oaxacan Chipotle Truffle Cookies from Belle's Bakery

    published Sep 14, 2010

    We're not exactly looking for cookies we want to devour a bag at a time, but new organic San Francisco wholesaler Belle's Bakery got us and got us good with a bag of Oaxacan chipotle truffle cookies. ... More >>

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