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1998 Stories by Tara Shioya

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  • Tales of the Circuit

    published May 13, 1998

    Kurt thoughtfully smooths his goatee with a forefinger and thumb as he surveys the clothes neatly arranged on his bed. Two weeks ago he planned... More >>

  • Safe Haven?

    published April 1, 1998

    One spring evening three years ago, Gessildo Silva and two friends were walking down a street in Rio de Janeiro. Suddenly, they found themselves... More >>

  • Block Party

    published March 25, 1998

    Rose Tsai does not look like the kind of woman to raise hell. Sitting quietly behind the microphone in a studio at KEST this evening, the petite... More >>

  • Boondoggle by the Bay

    published January 28, 1998

    Even on this wettest of winter Saturdays, Pier 39 is bloated with tourists. Undaunted by the damp misery, they wander past the Stagg canned chili... More >>

Archives: 1998 | 1997 | 1996
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