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  • My Crappy Courtroom

    published August 18, 2004

    Nobody loves Judge Hatchett more than me. What's not to love? She's America's most powerful daytime TV judge. Her show comes on during the... More >>

  • Jet Black Crayon

    published July 7, 2004

    I love my Safeway Club Card. I use it every day. According to what's on sale, I pick my meals. For instance, if nectarines, frozen pizzas, and... More >>

  • Pony Up: Sonic Youth

    published June 23, 2004

    Ponytails. They're the only way to know if men over 45 are "with it." Ponytails are the nonverbal signal for cool, a fashion-smart way of saying,... More >>

  • Morrissey

    published June 9, 2004

    Morrissey and I have a lot in common: He was born in England, the land of cloudy skies and modern rock; I was born in Libertyville, Ill., the land... More >>

  • William Hung

    published May 5, 2004

    The Bay Area is filled with lots of dorkballs, gaylords, punkers, and other people who just sort of suck at life. Berkeley student William Hung... More >>

  • Courtney Love

    published March 10, 2004

    Wouldn't it be easy to goof on this album? There's no reason why I shouldn't: The songs are stacked full of Steve Miller rock clichés, the... More >>

  • We All Scream

    published February 11, 2004

    I'm not religious. I don't enjoy deep conversation. And I hate hippies. Now let me tell you my theory on the human soul: Your soul is a dog... More >>

Archives: 2004 | 2003
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