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1996 Stories by Tom McNichol

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  • CyberTowne U.S.A.

    published December 18, 1996

    Hi everyone, this is Sandi! My phone friends and I want to welcome all of you to the newest edition of our blowout CyberTowne U.S.A. holiday gift... More >>

  • Chick's in the Male

    published December 4, 1996

    The most surprising thing about Roberta Dunne's sex change isn't that she had one. It's that her insurance paid for it. "My operation cost... More >>

  • Party Types

    published October 30, 1996

    It's been another hard-fought campaign season, with candidates and proposition sponsors once again mud-wrestling each other into submission. But... More >>

  • Going Ballistic

    published October 16, 1996

    The Nike missile site in the Marin Headlands may be a museum piece, but defensive missile systems are alive and well, not to mention more costly... More >>

  • When the Bay was Groun Zero

    published October 16, 1996

    These days, the Cold War seems a distant memory, a hazy blur of missile silos, duck-and-cover drills, and Khrushchev banging his shoe on a table... More >>

  • They Can't Be Giants

    published October 2, 1996

    "Barry! Barry! Over here!" If Giants outfielder Barry Bonds hears the shouts, he doesn't acknowledge them, gliding serenely past the young... More >>

  • Dog Bites

    published September 4, 1996

    Halfway House Party It's deja vu all over again for Potrero Hill neighborhood activists who want to keep the population at a local halfway... More >>

Archives: 1998 | 1996 | 1995
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