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  • The Oracle of San Francisco

    published December 31, 2003

    Behold the Oracle of San Francisco, who can count the grains of sand, measure the ways of the sea, and call the over/under of any Niners game... More >>

  • Fishing the Mainstream

    published November 26, 2003

    "Call me Ish," he says. "I prefer Ish." He's Ishama on the dotted line and Shama with his parents, but to anyone else to the bass fisherman i... More >>

  • Play Rotorecall

    published October 1, 2003

    After threatening to punt our recall into March -- a potential delay of five long months, or 104 Leno monologues -- the 9th Circuit has thankfully... More >>

  • Glub Glub

    published October 1, 2003

    We have always wanted to go down to the sea in ships. Though we can barely swim, we're convinced salt water courses through our veins. The sight... More >>

  • Bean Scene

    published September 3, 2003

    With Halloween still weeks away and Easter just a scrumptious memory of melting chocolate bunnies, we needed a sugar fix to get through these... More >>

  • Gonick's Comic Creation

    published August 20, 2003

    Larry Gonick's right index finger bends unnaturally at the tip, sort of like a divining rod. This is what happens after 30 years of squeezing a... More >>

  • First Purposes

    published July 23, 2003

    Thrice weekly, the San Francisco Chronicle's Glenn Dickey -- the Solomon of the Sporting Green, the sage of the sports page, the Plato of the... More >>

  • Outfield

    published July 2, 2003

    "Barry Bonds sits right on that bench," Joe Barnes was saying to his friend's 4-year-old son, Jacob, last Thursday at 2 a.m., almost three hours... More >>

  • Pipe Dreams

    published June 11, 2003

    Hollister Municipal Airport sits on 350 acres at the northern edge of town, within a knot of narrow roads named Astro, Mercury, and Mars, and hard... More >>

  • Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game

    published May 28, 2003

    By Michael Lewis W.W. Norton (2003), $24.95 Under General Manager Billy Beane, the cash-strapped Oakland A's have defied... More >>

  • Boogie for a New Millennium

    published April 23, 2003

    In the 1930s, John Lee Hooker's blues rambled north from the Mississippi Delta and a decade later came crackling out of an amplifier in Detroit.... More >>

  • Contending With Life

    published March 5, 2003

    The shoeshine is a good way to gain momentum for your punches in close without opening up or telegraphing. Hands up (scratch your eyebrows with... More >>

  • Gearheads: The Turbulent Rise of Robotic Sports

    published February 26, 2003

    By Brad Stone Simon & Schuster (2003), $14 "Robot combat smelled like a geek triumph," Brad Stone writes in his chronicle of... More >>

  • The Rush of Victory

    published January 8, 2003

    A door swings open in the back of a musty weight room, and out shuffles George Rush, a white sweat shirt pulled over his gut, a pair of slick... More >>

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