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  • 2004: A Year of Mayoral Triumph

    published December 29, 2004

    What a year it was! In 2004, a young, handsome, husky-voiced mayor became a national celebrity, and the city was changed for good. Who could... More >>

  • How We Are Hungry: Stories

    published December 22, 2004

    By Dave Eggers McSweeney's (2004), $22 The latest from Dave Eggers is 200 pages of sad, self-absorbed Americans abroad... More >>

  • Red Road Trip

    published November 24, 2004

    In the coming weeks, many of you will be piling into your Volkswagen Splitties and puttering cross-country to Washington, D.C., for what is sure... More >>

  • Horse Pay

    published October 20, 2004

    Russ Gardiner is a retired advertising executive who now serves as a volunteer extraordinaire with Sonoma State University -- an assistant golf... More >>

  • Sup-Ee-Oh!TM

    published October 6, 2004

    INTRODUCTION The election is only weeks away, and already the voter guides are thudding against our... More >>

  • March Radness

    published August 25, 2004

    So there you are, standing on a Manhattan sidewalk, having driven the width of the country to protest the Republicans' coronation of President... More >>

  • Countdown to Burlingame

    published August 4, 2004

    In one week, the world's most enhanced athletes will converge on sunny Burlingame for the summer's real sports spectacular, the Alternolympics.... More >>

  • Return of the Legend

    published June 23, 2004

    In the gospel of Demetrius "Hook" Mitchell, there are, foremost, the miracles. "We were playing Alameda," Shareef Nasir recalls. "It was... More >>

  • 'Roid Ragers

    published May 5, 2004

    "Once," says Emeric Delczeg, 51 years old and built like a fireplug, "I was called to help Barry Bonds to pose." It was for a muscle magazine... More >>

  • Vlad the Mad

    published March 24, 2004

    Kid walks into a bar, right? It's an open mike at a dive in the Mission, or maybe it's a bar in SOMA or a pub in Palo Alto, but anyway it's always... More >>

  • He Stats! He Scores!

    published February 11, 2004

    Late last month, the Golden State Warriors launched an optimistic bid to land Erick Dampier, their gawky 6-foot-11 center, on the NBA All-Star... More >>

  • Promises, Promises

    published January 7, 2004

    With only the din of the office soda machine keeping us company, Dog Bites wallowed in a lonely and... More >>

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