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  • Paradise Lost

    published May 24, 1995

    In the glorious golden fields of wheat, poppy-red blood blooms on the white tunics of an army of boys, mowed down by a swarm of bullets. Back when... More >>

  • Desperately Seeking Salvation

    published May 3, 1995

    The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. -- Ezekiel 25:17 (as quoted... More >>

  • After the Fall

    published April 5, 1995

    At his new post in working-class Liverpool, young Father Greg (Linus Roache) pages through his predecessor's Bible. There he finds a sheet of... More >>

  • Casualties of War

    published March 29, 1995

    Lee Tamahori's Once Were Warriors opens with a picture that's almost too perfect -- a sparkling lake and rolling hills unfold beneath the spotless... More >>

  • A Woman's Lot

    published March 22, 1995

    "Let's not pretend we're at some Norman Rockwell family reunion," snarls Selena (Jennifer Jason Leigh), the prime mover of Dolores Claiborne.... More >>

  • Sylph discovery

    published March 15, 1995

    "The Industrial Revolution," proclaims Prue, the most politically minded temptress in the film Sirens, "killed all the fairies." Textile mills... More >>

  • Time to kill

    published March 8, 1995

    Writer/director Milcho Manchevski insists his captivating first feature is a work of fiction. But striking similarities link the bloody Macedonian... More >>

  • Curtain Calls

    published March 1, 1995

    Dog Explosion & Home Free Iambe's Bones Theatre Company presents a subversive program of "family" one-acts. In Sean Clark's Dog Explosion,... More >>

  • Night+Day

    published March 1, 1995

    Dance What with Mark Morris, Bill T. Jones and the upcoming Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre collaboration with Anna Deavere Smith, Cal... More >>

  • Blood simple

    published February 22, 1995

    Three yuppies from Glasgow -- journalist Alex (Ewan McGregor), accountant David (Chris Eccleston) and physician Juliet (Kerry Fox) -- take on a... More >>

  • Night+Day

    published February 22, 1995

    Film She's best known for Coal Miner's Granddaughter, an off-kilter, coming-of-age sex comedy that was a hit in the 1991 S.F.... More >>

Archives: 1995
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