Best At-Home Double Features

Sure, you could rent your movies at the nearest soul-sucking corporate chain outlet. But if you did, you'd miss out on an endearing program run by this neighborhood video store: employee-selected double-feature rental packages. Movie lovers can pick up two VHS features for two nights for a mere $2.50 (or a shockingly reasonable $1.25 on Wednesdays, when rentals run half price) if you accept the catch — Lost Weekend employees must pick the videos. The puckish staffers are fond of quirky, punny pairings. Some duos we've seen recently include the Monkees' Head plus blaxploitation classic Shaft, Children of the Corn with Cobb, and Disney's Bambi plus the harrowing Vietnam War flick The Deer Hunter. Pick up a rental package for a date only if you want to weed out the super-sensitive and uptight, as the matchups tend toward the outrageous, ridiculous, subversive, and revolting (in the best way, of course).

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