Best Bar Bathroom

Bar bathrooms are so underrecognized. The loos at the Clift Hotel's Redwood Room, for example, were designed by Philippe Starck, who decked them out in the perfect symbols of pretentious minimalism — white marble walls; simple, sleek toilets and sinks; and the keenest, most delicate faucets. After a few too many cocktails, their austerity offers a sense of calm, giving us that second wind we so desperately need during a night of debauchery. Too many times we've found ourselves in a cramped bathroom, face-to-face with a urine-soaked floor and a bare 100-watt bulb — so dirty! Or we've had to heave in one of those posh bar lavatories, complete with a pungent tray of fragrances and an attendant demanding a tip — so overwhelming! What we look for is a cool, clean place to stumble into without fear of falling into a puddle of pee, a spot to do our business without someone demanding pocket change. Sure, there's something to be said for a stall full of quirky graffiti, but did we mention those pretty little faucets? Stunning.

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