Best Butcher Shop (Presidio Heights)

A great meal begins with great ingredients, and that's why we rely on the professionals at Bryan's in the Laurel Village shopping center. The place is more like a meat boutique than a butcher shop, given the perfectly displayed pretty cuts and chops and the high employee-to-customer ratio. Despite a relatively small space, the selection is thorough: fresh fish, chicken (skinned or not, stuffed or cut up), and a multitude of cuts of beef, lamb, and pork. Equally important, the butchers know what to do with this stuff, and the knowledgeable folks behind the counter can tell you how to prepare what at which temperature. Bryan's also offers stuffed and marinated dishes ready to cook and a yummy selection of precooked meat and side dishes (including soup). As you might imagine, this shop is no bargain-basement joint, but we're willing to spend for quality. At Bryan's, the meat is fresh and the customers are spoiled.

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