Best Chocolates

Some of the finest chocolates in the country are crafted here in San Francisco, but when it comes to the whole package — culinary ingenuity, artistic presentation, the endorphic bliss state that occurs when cacao meets corpus — Recchiuti is in a class by itself. Each beautifully realized bonbon is an aesthetic as well as gustatory triumph. Mood-altering milk, semisweet, bittersweet, or extra-bitter ganache is infused with a unique array of flavors — rose, jasmine, green tea, lavender, bergamot, tarragon, pink peppercorn — then dipped in a blanket of complementary yumminess (the Venezuelan white chocolate is a popular choice) and accented with a sliver of candied grapefruit peel, a bit of gold leaf, a Japanese block print, even a specially commissioned etching by a local artist. Biting into one of these stellar creations is a multilayered, omnisensational experience.

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