Best Cocktails Under $6

At this unassuming bar on Upper Market, the bartenders are such dedicated mixologists that they infuse cucumber vodka in their spare time. You can order cocktails here that will get you blank looks at most other bars, like Aviations, Caiparinas, or even Pimms Cups. And unbelievably, although it offers drinks that rival those of its upscale neighbor, Zuni Café, the Orbit Room won't break your bank. For around $6, you get top-shelf liquor, real lemon and lime juices, and elegant garnishes. Two of the Orbit Room's fiendishly talented bartenders also collect vintage airline paraphernalia, and enjoy marrying their twin passions. If you come on a Tuesday night, dubbed “Trip Out Tuesday,” you will be treated to a themed evening dedicated to one of the great now-deceased airlines of yesteryear. The theme includes airline decorations, a special drink, music from the country of the dead airline's origin, and — best of all — bartender Alberta Straub wearing one of the dead airline's stewardess outfits while she mixes your drink. Sit at the bar if you can. No matter how many cocktails you consume, it is impossible to get comfortable at the Orbit Room's kneecap-busting concrete tables.

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