Best Farmers' Market

From gourmet cheeses to fabulous flowers, the farmers' market on the Ferry Building's plaza offers something for all tastes. A dazzling array of everything under the sun that's in season, this farmers' market is as great for a family outing as it is for a Saturday morning date. Treats like artisanal honey, authentic Mexican breakfast, and hordes of locals and visitors make this European-style market so much more than just stalls of vegetables. Although the produce can be pricier than at the U.N. Plaza Farmers' Market at Civic Center (which deserves an honorable mention for the less-touristy crowd, lower prices, and excellent selection of Asian products), the Ferry Plaza market boasts live cooking demonstrations, high-end organics, and frequent celebrity-chef sightings (Alice Waters is a regular shopper here). And, of course, the Ferry Building itself houses an array of delights that will boggle the mind of even the most level-headed foodie.

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