Best Free Alcohol and Drug Rehab

St. Anthony's is well-known for serving hot dinners to the homeless (2,000 meals per day), as well as providing free medical care and clothing to the poor. Psychological counseling and employment training are available at the foundation's Covenant House and Seton Hall for those who want to spend a year engaged in physical labor, such as gardening, furniture moving, painting, and washing dishes, while learning how to restructure their lives without the use of mind-altering substances. Computer classes are also available. The only requirements for entry are a desire to get clean and sober, no outstanding warrants, and absolutely no income, not even General Assistance. As a bonus, 50 male and female residents get to live and work at St. Anthony Farm, a 315-acre organic dairy in the rolling hills outside Petaluma. It's a chance to shake the grit of the city off your battered tennies and start fresh.

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