Best Hair Salon-cum-Art Gallery

In this day and age, it pays to multitask. A full-service hair salon that doubles as an art gallery, Glama-Rama is one of the best spots to kill two birds with one stone. Proprietress Deena Davenport opened shop to get away from the “stuffy atmosphere of most salons,” she writes on her Web site. And based on her eclectic crew of seasoned hairdressers and colorists, many of whom moonlight as actors, actresses, and drag personalities, it looks like she's succeeded. (Davenport was known around town by her drag king name, Lucky Fister, until she put that character to sleep; manager Johnny Kat performs regularly at “Trannyshack”; Jennifer Hofmann body slams in Incredibly Strange Wrestling; and Kennedy rocks on with Pepper Spray, a local tranny band.) Curated by Kat, Glama-Rama's exhibits aren't your typical staid displays. They've included Jason Mecier's bean-and-pasta portraits of Farrah Fawcett, Carol Channing, and the cast of Beverly Hills 90210, and last fall's “The Timmy Show!,” a tribute to actor Josh Ryan Evans, a dwarf who played a “living doll” on the soap opera Passions.

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