Best Local Coffee Blend

Philz Coffee

3101 24th St. (at Folsom), 282-9155

“It's my life's masterpiece,” says Phil Jaber, leaning across the counter of his shop in his snap-brim fedora, expectantly holding the bag, waiting for us to take a whiff. “I call it,” he says, pausing, “Tesora.” The name of his signature blend of coffee rolls off his tongue like the password to a forbidden city, where men have stolen a recipe for a mysterious concoction of the gods. Jaber has been working on the blend for the past few years, picking through the beans in different subtle proportions to create a brew unlike any other. To do it up right, a freshly ground cup is dressed out with Jaber's special “secret ingredient,” something he pinches from a container behind the counter. The resulting drink embraces your palate with an explosion of flavor: sweet in the nose, with a finish as rich as the soil in which the beans were grown. Jaber's summation is correct: It's a masterpiece.

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