Best Next Big Thing

It seems like only yesterday that we fell in love with Rogue Wave's debut CD, Out of the Shadow, a collection of frontman Zach Rogue's bedroom recordings that melts contemporary indie rock into '60s and '70s sunshine pop. Come to think of it, it was only yesterday that we fell in love with that disc. In less than a year, though, Rogue has led his assembled band — multi-instrumentalists Pat Spurgeon, Gram Lebron, and Sonya Westcott — onto nearly every stage in the Bay Area. Together, the members of this Oakland-based outfit have retrofitted Shadow's songs, added countless more to their repertoire, and attracted a following that most acts work years trying to gather. Most recently, the musicians signed with indie juggernaut Sub Pop Records. This summer, in addition to releasing their Sub Pop debut, they'll be the tour-opener for the biggest band in indie rock, the Shins. It wouldn't surprise many around here if, by fall — just a scant year and a half after playing its first show — this band were bigger than Jesus. Catch Rogue Wave on the small stage now, or pay the price (literally) when it's selling out the Fillmore next Christmas.

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