Best Pickup Spot for HAL 9000

This is the nightclub where androids come to dance and computers come to dream. For over a year, the folks at Form8 have provided a forum for emerging artists who revel in the synthetic — everything from laptop punk to lo-fi experimental techno, from analog dub to galaxy-stretching new wave — but it's only recently that the artists have really gotten as good as the concept. Local mainframes like Kid 606, Blectum From Blechdom, and Memory Systems (“Synth”'s new-wave house band) appear on a regular basis, along with touring luminaries such as Hong Kong Counterfeit and Le Syndicat Electronique, but it's the club's attention to detail — from the experimental videos to the interactive low-tech installations to the stylish appearance of its staff — that makes “Synth” a Space Age lounge for digital porn stars.

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