Best Place to Get Away From It All

Capri is too far away, you've had it with Hawaii, and St. Bart's is totally yesterday. So where does the overstressed San Franciscan go for a tranquil island sabbatical? Forbes Island, that wallet-friendly alternative to the Caribbean a Frisbee's throw from Fisherman's Wharf. Island chieftain Forbes Kiddoo himself picks you up in his launch from Pier 39, and after a quick jaunt past Pier 39's barking sea lions you're on his palm-strewn artificial island, sipping a mai tai. Before dinner take in the fabulous views of the city, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the bay from the top of the disco-ball-equipped lighthouse. Dinner itself — a pleasantly drawn-out and elegant affair — is served by candlelight in bamboo-accented surroundings. Afterward descend into the Nemo-esque bar a league or two below sea level for a cognac with Pierre the bartender and whatever you can glimpse out the portholes. Fairly steep stipend, but it beats the airfare to Aruba.

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