Best Reuse of a Retail Space

Only in S.F.: 711 Market St. used to be the home of the aptly named 711 Club, a dive bar between Third and Fourth streets that was tacky in all the best ways. One long narrow room with a jukebox, some tables, and a couple of video games, the 711 Club was a dim haven for those needing a quick drink downtown, and a throwback to gin joints of yore. But times change, and in June 2002 the 711 Club closed. Sad, yes — but in early 2004 the city got proof that someone has a sense of humor: A 7-Eleven convenience store opened on the spot. It's not the same vibe, and it's only some of the same clientele, but at least you can buy your condoms and beef jerky in a little slice of evolving San Francisco history. And should you pick up a six-pack, make sure to raise a toast to the old 711 Club.

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