Best Way to Put a King and Queen in City Hall

Proposition XXY, which has been floated for years, would replace the mayor's position with a “co-mayorship.” Yeah, yeah, we know Willie is already one mayor too many. But there's an argument to be made that we do need two chief executives. Why? Because there's an election looming, and each of our favorite candidates, Tom Ammiano and Gavin Newsom, is more than a little imperfect. Ammiano's a genuinely nice guy in touch with real issues affecting real people. But even the ultra-left has to admit he's rather … annoying. Nobody wants to send this man to speak at an international mayors' conference in Paris. Back Street Boy Newsom, however, excels at that kind of thing — or any pomp-and-circumstance event, for that matter. But he's not exactly a guy who'll get the garbage picked up or the trains running on time; he'll be too busy campaigning for higher office. So what's a voter to do? Under Prop. XXY, the two top finishers would share the post. A king and, ahem, a queen. Yin and yang. Left brain, right brain. Sure, there'd be some squabbling, maybe even all-out warfare. But that's for them to work out. With a bit of couples counseling, our king and queen would get along fine.

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