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Best Cajun Food San Francisco 2000 - Cajun Pacific

Cajun Pacific

Cajun Pacific

4542 Irving

San Francisco, CA 94122


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From the moment a basket of hot, fresh corn bread arrives at the table, you know this dinner is going to be good. The jumbo muffins come in two flavors, the sweet ones and the hot ones, the latter featuring pieces of jalape?o. Actually, everything about Cajun Pacific is jumbo, except the place itself, which has all of four tables. No problem for the lucky few who get there early, but the rest must wait outside with their noses pressed up against the steamy windows as wonderful smells waft from giant pots of gumbo and jambalaya. The portions are big, and so are the Po' Boy sandwiches. Try a slab of catfish, smothered in secret sauce, and garnished with lettuce and tomato on a hot and crusty French roll. The jambalaya is different every day, a mixed bag of delights ready to be extracted from a heap of delightfully seasoned rice (could it be sausages, scallops, prawns, or mussels today -- or all of the above?). Go early, bring your own beer, and be prepared to wait.
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