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Best Corkscrew Drive San Francisco 2000 - Vermont Avenue at 20th Street

It appears from a distance that Vermont Street ends next to the minipark at 20th Street; once you're there, however, you'll see that this point actually marks the beginning of the street's curvy descent down the back of Potrero Hill. One of San Francisco's best-kept secrets, Vermont features a steeper slope and tighter turns than its more famous competitor, the one where the tourists go. The views along the way are fantastic -- though gazing is for passengers only, please. You can see nearly the entire southwest of the city on the outside turns. The street itself is lined by a curvy cement wall, which makes the whole affair seem sort of like driving down a big playground slide. The lucky people who call this curvy street home live in beautiful houses, which are also worth a look on the way down -- but again, passengers only, please.
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Back in the 1960s, the post office had some short semi-trailers. At the time, Vermont was a 2-way street. At any rate, I watched a post office trailer make it's way down Vermont. Took me a week to close my jaw. That driver must have been the PO hero of the month.

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