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Best Gym Showers San Francisco 2000 - Crunch Fitness

Depending on how much you work out -- and your body shape -- these showers could be the best or worst in town. That's because they're on public view. Frosted glass comprises one side of an entire row of shower stalls, which are visible to anyone heading to the locker rooms, while a waist-level spotlight illuminates each shower from the inside, creating the effect of washing shadow dancers. Both men and women get equal treatment. Since the shower stalls are a little cramped, one is forced to stand quite near the glass, and the nearer one is, the crisper his or her shadowed outline. Clearly defined breasts -- even nipples -- are not an uncommon sight. As for men, their little shadow puppets are clearly visible, too. Fortunately, shower-users are anonymous -- unless someone enamored of a particular shadow takes note of which stall it's in and goes into the locker room to see who exits. For that reason, be careful where you wash.

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