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Best Inexpensive Attention-Getting Get-Ups San Francisco 2000 - X-Generation

Hey, it's not haute couture, but that wouldn't jive too well on the Haight, anyway. X-Generation is filled with fun, hip, girly-girl clothes, and the prices are more like those of an outlet store. Formerly located in the more obscure Yerba Buena Square at Fifth and Howard (where the big customer-draw is the Burlington Coat Factory), X-Generation moved shop to where the competition is at, and recently expanded its business by opening up a second store just down the street. You have to weed through racks filled with some less-than-desirables, but it's worth the hunt when you eventually pull together a sassy ensemble to your liking. Skirts and pants range from $25 to $30, and halter and tube tops come in all patterns and colors for $15 to $20. The store also stocks lots of one-offs from a variety of vendors, and manufactures some of its own stuff. If you need a hip, cheap, going-to-a-club outfit, this is the place to start looking.
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