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Best Movie Theater for the Full Schwarzenegger San Francisco 2000 - The Coronet

Searing dramas of infidelity and betrayal set in quaint yet haunted English manor houses manned by sinister, half-mute stepservants have their place -- the sixth shoebox to your left at the Zircon Octoplex 3 comes to mind -- but when it comes to Arnold (or Jet or Harrison) saving somebody for the sake of something or other, you want a really wide screen, every auditory gizmo known to modern man, and no attention-drawing competition from a similar eardrum-buster on the other side of the wall. The Coronet's gotta be the place: Not only is it one of the few surviving single-screen cinemas in the Western Hemisphere, it blasts you with all of the modern stereophonic conveniences, it's huge enough to contain the most mindless Sturm und Drang our hard-working moviemakers can conjure up, and if (like us) you have the guts to plunk yourself down in the front row of the theater, you'll especially appreciate the cushiony comfort level of the armchairs.
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