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Best Place to Drink Between Sets at the Fillmore San Francisco 2000 - Someplace Else

When the opening band turns off its amps and the crowd throngs upstairs to slake its thirst for alcohol, you're out of luck if you're not first in line. Sure, you might snake your way through to the bar -- and spill half your drink in the sea of elbows before the second act is onstage. Altogether better is to get your hand stamped and head down the street to Someplace Else. A normally uncrowded (even on weekends) and cozy watering hole, with an upstairs pool table and a shelf sagging beneath the weight of a selection of children's board games, the bar is also an easy enough place to slurp one down between sets at the Fillmore. If you're concerned you don't have time to arrest oncoming nicotine fatigue and drench your liver in fermented goodness, not to worry. Someplace Else, as an owner-operated bar, is also smoker-friendly. Don't dally, though -- just as the upstairs lounge in the concert hall is prone to overcrowding between acts, Someplace Else has been known to pack them in during its brief rush hour.
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