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Best Place to Make the Move San Francisco 2000 - The Lone Palm

The Lone Palm

The Lone Palm

3394 22nd St.

San Francisco, CA 94110


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Human mating is often like a dance, an achingly delicate melding of two souls, each with its own fears and insecurities, hopes and desires, burning lusts, and unbelievably grotesque fetishes. Sometimes, hooking up happens all by itself, and before you know it you're shopping together at Good Vibrations. And then, sometimes, things need a nudge. This is where the Lone Palm comes in. White tablecloths and votive candles elevate the Lone Palm to a place far above the typical dive bar. Soft music and a down-to-earth, neighborhood vibe put everyone at ease. Throw in a few cocktails, a little hand-holding, perhaps a sweet nothing or two, and, if you've been wondering when and where that first kiss will take place, you may suddenly find yourself right in the middle of it.

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