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Best Plant Man on Mission and 24th San Francisco 2000 - The Plant Man on Mission and 24th

A houseplant is, undeniably, a good thing. It produces oxygen. It adds color and complexity to your home, this magnificent living creature that asks only for a pot of dirt, a little water, a few rays of sunshine, and perhaps a kind word or two in return. Yes, owning a houseplant does show an ability to commit, and once you're ready for this huge step, you will do no better than to visit a certain gentleman we know on Mission Street between 23rd and 24th. He's a mysterious fellow -- sometimes he's there (weekends are good), sometimes he's not. He is always smiling, calls everyone "my friend," and wants nothing more than ... your money in return. But what are a few bucks compared to a braided ficus? (We named ours "Fiona," and hope she will be with us for many years.) We won't reveal any prices, since the plant man is willing to bargain, so let's just say he has a very nice selection of very affordable plants. Look for him on the sidewalk and, if he's not there, look for him again a few days later.
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