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Best Pokémon Store San Francisco 2000 - Update Gift Shop

If you've caved in to the Pokémon craze and bought trading cards and action figures for all 150-plus characters, don't worry: There's more. The Update Gift Shop in Chinatown has Pokémon literally wall to wall, from 50 cents up -- Pokémon stuffed toys, windup toys, bathtub toys, books, comics, coloring books, posters, stickers, pencil cases, key chains, photo albums, writing pads, wallets, jigsaw puzzles, blankets, sweat shirts, bags, clocks, and much more, all displaying Pikachu and his pals. Japan's earlier superstars, Hello Kitty and Piyo Piyo the bird, are also well represented, and besides all this there's a display case full of Chinese stamps and coins, many electronic games, and children's watches of all styles.
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no longer has pokemon stuff, just dvds


Where in Chinatown is it?

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