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Best Video Rental Without Leaving Your Apartment San Francisco 2000 -

After you've logged on to Kozmo, there's no going back to your typical chain video store, whose stock of new rentals is always depleted and whose indie hard-to-finds are never found. Kozmo will not only deliver the video to your door, but will also bring you a candy bar and popcorn if you so request it -- and schedule a pickup for when you're through with the movie. The site stocks more than 25,000 video rental titles from which you can browse by actor/director, movie awards, recent arrivals, or Kozmo suggestions. You're also just a click away from a brief biography of just about any star who piques your fancy. Rental charges are competitive ($3.49-3.99 VHS; $3.99-4.49 DVD) and you can opt to buy if you like ($20.99 for both VHS and DVD). Delivery time? Guaranteed in less than an hour. You couldn't ask for more -- especially when the flu keeps you indoors.

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