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Best Bar Snack San Francisco 2001 - Potato Chips at LiveFire

Sometimes a shot of Old Granddad just isn't enough -- you want something substantial in your belly to go along with the purple glow of the jukebox and the click and plunk of the billiard balls. Usually what you're likely to get is a simple choice of beer nuts or pretzels. But LiveFire, a ballpark-oriented eatery with a killer view of the Embarcadero, offers a really delicious snack option at its windowside bar: potato chips. These aren't just any potato chips, though. They're made fresh on the premises, brought to you hot from the kitchen, strewn with a chunky (but not too garlicky) pesto sauce and -- the topper -- chunks of pungent Danish blue cheese. (We never said it was a healthy snack.) Just the thing to settle your stomach between boilermakers.
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