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Best Bureaucrat San Francisco 2001 - Carl Friedman, Director of Animal Care and Control

If you live in San Francisco and are interested in animal welfare issues, you have the ear of Carl Friedman. "You pay my salary, so the least I can do is be accessible," says the affable Friedman. The head of a city department who personally returns calls almost immediately? Who answers e-mails himself? Who makes himself readily available to Joe Citizen and reporters alike? "It takes a toll," Friedman says of being so in touch with the public. Well, we want to say thanks, and let Friedman know we appreciate his work at ACC, and his sense of humor.
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banana man saul
banana man saul

I remember your animal kindness (to even me) when living on Crown St...... retired?....I have 44 years before I can even think of retiring. Watch out for our Dodgers next season. Take care and regards to family..............banana man minkus!


No...I don't live in live in PA. Which has been called puppy milly capital of east coast. Hats off to all those trying to keep pet stores from selling dogs and cats. If public opinion is that should still allow this practice...then why not do as some of our pet store4s have been doing...They have set aside "Adoption Days" in there extablishments whereby the local humane shelters bting in the animals for public to look and and adopts. It has been very successful....and by the ebd of that business day a very high percentage of the pets have a new home.

There are a few puppy mills close to where I lets be opened mineded here......when someone has over 20 different breeds of dogs......what do you think that could possibly mean?A lot of the public has not seen some of conditions that the parents of thes cute "Puppy in the window" are living under.

I witnessed first hand a breeeder of many differnt breeds , that had as high as 7 females in 1 run with 1 male...purpose of course to breed these females and not miss a heat. So now we have 8 dogs in a run 10x10 that only got cleaned once a week. I saw a mother dog digging under building to hide 3 or 4 day old pups from the other dogs!

I know there are many pet stores that do a fine job of caring for these animals.....but .at the end of the day....a responsible pet lover has to look at where this began

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