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Best Danceable Music at a Gay Dance Club San Francisco 2001 - N'Touch

This is one place where a melody is actually heard on the dance floor. And that's a good thing. Not everyone in a gay club is strung out on Ecstasy, coke, or amphetamines, which is probably what you need to make the relentless heart-jolting bass and ear-splitting techno siren screams actually enjoyable. So it goes at sweaty environs like Universe and into the wee hours of the morning at the Endup. Like a broken record, spewing the same monotonous skipping beat, the "music" drones on as the clones packing the dance floor slowly crawl out of their drug-induced K-holes. But not at N'Touch, a little Polk Street neighborhood dive that caters mostly to an Asian crowd. There, the music is fun -- a bubble-gum assortment of Madonna and Ace of Base -- and there is always a catchy melodic string to shake to. N'Touch has a reputation as a place where gross, older white men troll for young, gold-digging Asian boys, but fortunately none of that stereotypical, imperialist, and self-loathing activity spills out onto the N'Touch dance floor. And the generally attractive, racially diverse, and scantily clad go-go boys the bar hires to dance on platforms above the crowd are a nice bonus for the wallflower in all of us.
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