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Best Disco Ball San Francisco 2001 - The Top

There are plenty of disco balls in San Francisco, but none shines as brightly as the mirrored orb at the Top. Due to precisely focused lighting and a smallish dance floor, the walls here are peppered with a perpetually revolving mosaic of bright, electric kisses, one of many reasons why the Top is one of the best DJ bars in a city where DJ bars spring up as fast as we can visit them. As with most clubs, the Top gets crowded on weekends, and by midnight the dance floor can become so packed you won't be able to shake your ass more than an inch without bumping into someone else's. But on weekdays, especially before 10, scoring a table in the lower bar area is a breeze. Have a cocktail or two, then head for the dance floor, where you'll have all the room in the world to shake any body part you like.
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