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Best East Coast Pizza San Francisco 2001 - Pizza Orgasmica

Pizza Orgasmica

Pizza Orgasmica

3157 Fillmore

San Francisco, CA 94123


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Ever wake up feeling like you just want to eat the Farmer's Daughter, or wrap your lips around a hot, lovely Aphrodite, or explore the pleasure-filled temptations of Kamasutra? Well, you're in luck -- that is, if you were thinking about pizza. As its name suggests, Pizza Orgasmica likes to give its pies sexy names -- and it lives up to them. Its pizzas, with their thin, bubbly crust, are also the closest you'll find in this town to those at a genuine New York pizzeria. Of course, New Yorkers know it takes more than a thin crust to make a great pizza. The real secret's in the sauce, which is made with olive oil and fresh Italian herbs and spices. Pizza Orgasmica has got the goods, along with some creative toppings like six kinds of cheeses (including feta and ricotta), Brazilian-style chicken, refried beans, cheddar garlic sauce, and hearts of palm. So if you like your pizza as great as your sex -- and who doesn't? -- drop by and tell them you're looking for a Latin Lover (linguisa [Portuguese cheese], jalape?os, and cherry tomatoes).
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