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Best Movers San Francisco 2001 - Delancey Street Moving & Transportation

Every moving company has a gimmick. Whether it claims to be staffed by starving students or Irish brawn or "one big man," each of the city's 75-plus movers wants to stand apart. Delancey Street Moving & Transportation is different. Situated inside the Delancey Street Foundation, a nonprofit group that helps former substance abusers and ex-cons get clean and find jobs, the hauler does good works while it does good work. All of its profits go to support the foundation. As important, the guys haul ass. Sporting wild tattoos and huge muscles, they have been known to hump an 8-foot sofa up three flights of twisting Victorian stairs and lift an enormous television single-handedly. They bring their own lunches and their own water, and they'll move you just about anywhere in the country. Fees start at $77 an hour for two guys and a truck with a three-hour minimum. To support a good cause while getting your stuff safely from place to place, skip the gimmicks and call the real thing.
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