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Best New Dentist Looking to Build His Own Practice San Francisco 2001 - Ted Nguyen, D.D.S.

If someone is going to have to hover over your face, poke around in your mouth, and drill holes in your teeth, it might as well be someone who is nice to look at and who has good breath. Ted Nguyen is just that man, and he's taking patients. He's young, hip, well-dressed, handsome, and very reassuring as he fires up the drill and tells you to open wide. Most important, he operates with such a gentle touch that the experience is entirely pain free. Ladies and gay men alike will swoon. Kids will be disarmed by his silly jokes. Mothers will approve. Grandmothers will appreciate his respect. Many of his younger twenty- and thirtysomething patients are on an e-mail list that announces a new happy hour location every Friday, and Nguyen often joins them. They're easy to spot: the group with the shiniest smiles in the bar.

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