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Best Nightclub San Francisco 2001 - 111 Minna Street Gallery

Nightclubbing is about a lot of things, but mostly it's about energy, and while this city is bursting with fine disco emporiums, in our opinion, the best is 111 Minna. The vibe is just better here -- you won't be frisked upon entering, the cover charge is never steep, and once inside you'll find a decidedly non-bridge-and-tunnelish, peaceful, hip crowd, some of the best electronic music in the city, and stylish art to boot. What the place lacks in some departments (liquor, an after-hours permit, sweaty people bumping into you) it more than makes up for in others (a liberal in-and-out policy, no poseur-infested VIP room). If you can't feel it here, you probably never will.

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