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Best Place to Buy Dead Animals San Francisco 2001 - Paxton Gate

824 Valencia (at 19th Street), 824-1872

It's not every day that you find yourself desperately in need of a stuffed mouse dressed as a surgeon. But it's comforting to know that when the day comes, you'll know exactly where to go: Paxton Gate. Perhaps the finest boutique in the city for frustrated entomologists and taxidermists, this odd little retail store will satisfy all your shopping needs for dried butterflies, crispy beetles, reconstituted rodents, desiccated reptiles, and various other framed and mounted dead critters. There's also a wide selection of stunning orchids and tantalizing tillandsia (the strange bromeliad commonly known as airplant or Spanish moss) that adds some life to the surprisingly pleasant ambience of the store, which also houses an avant-garde art gallery behind the main shopping area. Truly a local treasure, Paxton Gate answers the eternal question "What do I get for the person who's already got everything?"

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