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Best Place to Eat Fruit and Cheese on a Sunny Afternoon San Francisco 2001 - Cafe Bastille

Cafe Bastille

Cafe Bastille

22 Belden

San Francisco, CA 94104


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Cafe Bastille is in downtown San Francisco on Belden Place, a surprisingly placid, restaurant-lined alley artfully hidden amid some of the tallest buildings in the city. While the interior décor of Cafe Bastille is intended to imitate a Parisian Metro station, it's the fresh-air seating that makes for the most unique dining experience, which is clearly meant to hearken to the outdoor bistros of Paris. The alleyside location of the cafe allows for outdoor seating that is largely protected from the oft-bitter downtown winds. It's a perfect spot for a romantic afternoon rendezvous. The ambience is accentuated by the largely French waitstaff charmingly dressed in Francophilic black-and-white striped shirts. On a sunny Sunday afternoon, few places in the city offer such a pleasant environment for passing the time, sipping an aperitif, and enjoying a delicious plate of fruit and cheese. Quelle surprise!

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